Online or in a Puddle?

Our experience with the newspaper delivery man while away has started me thinking about the advantages of reading the newspaper online or via a tablet device:

 Online Newspaper Advantages:

  • Can read or download as soon as you wake up and don’t have to wait for it to be delivered
  • Articles are all written in an easy to read sized font
  • Ability to adjust font size to larger print if required
  • Read newspaper in the dark
  • The digital pictures that accompany stories and articles are visually beautiful to look at
  • Read your favourite newspaper even when on holiday
  • No more ink print covered fingers
  • Access newspapers from all over the world quickly and easily
  • No more battles with cling wrap first thing in the morning
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Can readers think of any other advantages?

Newspaper Delivery Blues

It was not until we went for a short break to Brisbane recently that I even considered the possibility of reading the newspaper online.  What made me change my mind you ask?

Well, I sent an email to the new newspaper delivery person our local newsagency had outsourced the task to and informed them we needed to cancel the newspaper delivery for a week.  Yes I included the dates.  I even received a polite response to my email confirming that all was in hand.

My partner had to return home unexpectedly half way through the holiday for a job interview.  He was surprised to be confronted with almost a week’s worth of newspapers.  Luckily, the dog/house minder we had arranged had brought the papers inside and had stacked them neatly on our kitchen bench. My partner then rang the newspaper delivery person who apologised profusely and agreed to stop delivery for the remainder of the week.

However, those newspapers were going to be delivered come what may.  When we got home from our holiday the rest of the week’s newspapers had been added to the existing pile.  It took me almost an hour to unwrap them all and put them in the recycle rubbish unread.

Obviously, there had been a massive breakdown in communication.  To add insult to injury we were billed for the week’s newspapers. Suddenly, I have a new curiosity to learn more about reading the newspaper online.

Print Newspaper Advantages

Yesterdays Blog post got me thinking about the advantages of reading a printed version of the newspaper:

  • get to touch and feel the news
  • able to take cuttings of articles on topics that are of special interest
  • easier to share with partner – as the newspapers is broken into sections i.e. sport, finance or fashion
  • don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button on tablet device and have something weird happen to the article you were reading

Can readers think of any others?


Print Newspaper Girl

Call me old fashioned but I love to read an actual printed version of the newspaper. I am happiest when reading the newspaper tucked up in bed, in a coffee shop, at the hairdressers or filling time before any of life’s important appointments.  I love the variety of topics I get to read about, the way the newspaper feels and how the newsprint blackens my fingertips.

I also love the ritual of walking outside early in the morning to retrieve the newspaper from a puddle in the front yard and getting a feel for what the day’s weather might be at the same time.  I especially enjoy the physical challenge of unwrapping the newspaper from its cling wrap.  Are there any other readers who feel the same way?


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